Employment Agreements

“I just got a dream job as an executive, and they’re offering a great salary. The only trouble is I don’t know what to look for beyond the salary numbers. I’m great at what I do, but negotiating employment contracts isn’t something I do often.”

Between non-qualified stock, incentive stock, incentive bonuses, pay for performance, deferred compensation, retirement plans, benefit plans, business expenses, choice of laws, arbitration clauses, non-competes, non-solicitations, confidentiality clauses, termination provisions, residency requirements, and post-employment cooperation agreements, it can all be a little confusing when figuring out how exactly you are getting paid and exactly your rights.

The general trend in executive pay is moving towards a proportionally lower base salary and higher pay-for-performance rewards, and the general trend in employment agreements is to lock employees into long term arrangements or lock them out of the industry. Therefore, making sure you understand your contract becomes increasingly important.

We represent employees considering new employment as well as those evaluating new offers from their existing employer. We can help you tackle the following and more:

Need to sign an employment agreement, confidentiality agreement, non-compete and non-solicitation agreement, option grants, stock grants or some other paperwork?
Wondering about the terms of your deal and what it means?
Wondering if you’ve got a fair deal and what your absolute pay will be?
Concerned about whether you’ve got exposure?
Concerned that you can be found liable?

If your company is being acquired, is anyone representing you in the deal? Or does it seem that only the founders and original investors are seated at the table – even though the company’s main asset might be its employees? Mergers and acquisitions often present opportunities for employees to cash out or possibly continue with the acquiring entity. We represent employees at all levels in the negotiation process.

If you’re negotiating an employment relationship, contact us today.

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Click here to view our FAQs on executive compensation.

This information is not a do-it-yourself guide to resolving employment disputes or handling employment litigation.  While some may find this useful for understanding the basic issues and their legal context, it is NOT a substitute for experienced legal counsel and does not provide legal advice. Please contact the team at Gordon Law Group to discuss your specific case.


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